Overnight Andrea Leadsom has become Andrea Loathsome. Her campaign is based on a lie. We need another referendum.

3 Jul 2016 at 08:57

Well, I was right about one thing. That Simon Walters would get the best Sunday story, but far more devastating than I could ever imagine. Over night Andrea Leadsom has become Andrea Loathesome. And let me remind you why. The Brexiteers are terrified of Theresa May’s honesty, consistency and competence. The Conservative party has morphed into the witch trials of Salem. Bitch finder General Bill Cash and his goons are patrolling the corridors looking for signs of bitch craft. ‘You speak to Remainers don’t you? Confess’. Offices are ransacked for traces of French cheese and German sausage. ‘You have never been a true believer and this bottle of Macon is evidence. Confess and your soul will be purged in the fires of Brexitdom’.
And yesterday their Joan of Arc (yes I know it’s another age and another story but I’m on a roll) appeared in shining armour to lead her armies to defeat the great sorceress May. ‘I am the true believer. I am the way and the light. Only a true believer can be trusted. Now kneel and receive my blessing’. And with Cecil B de Mille drama they fell to their knees. But in the sky there is a bright light and then a familiar voice. ‘The Eu without Britain is like fish without chips….to leave would be an economic disaster’. And the voice? Andrea the pure! No!!!!!! Surely not. It’s a liiiiiiiie. So all this crazy nonsense by Bill Cash about a judicialreview of any coronation of May is total bollocks.

How on earth does Loathesome get out of this? Well, my dear old chum Iain Dale tried a line on Marr. ‘Well, she was a minister at the time….collective responsibility’. And what about her? ‘Things have radically changed since 2013’. Really? And she said this with that fixed Gordon Brown smile and not a blink of an eye. ‘The country needs someone who believes fervently in the sunlit uplands of leaving’. But she didn’t in 2013. If she had any honour she would have not made that speech or resigned as a matter of principle. How can you believe a word she says? She has been a total fraud. But so has the whole Brexit strategy, it was based on a lie. Not finessed exaggerations one gets at general elections but promises which have been abandoned. It was a vote gained by fraud. It is a national scandal. Interesting that the one question that stumped her on Marr was about publishing her tax returns. I am sure that it was nothing to do with her offshore activities.

I have never been so despondent. I never never seen such depression. Already jobs are on the line. Already universities are terrified of the inevitable loss of EU funding. Farmers, the automotive industry and aerospace haven’t got a clue about their future. The young have had their birth right stolen on the basis of a lie.

Over four million have signed a petition for another referendum. I and most of my friends have signed it. This is a matter for Parliament and not party leaders. After all we believe in Parliamentary sovereignty. There will be a debate and there will be a vote. MPs must cast personal interest aside and vote for the greater good.