Blue on blue action is a necessary evil but the betrayal of a friend is an abomination

28 May 2016 at 07:30

I warned at the very outset of the junior doctors dispute that the BMA were a ruthless, greedy, cynical bunch of bastards. I warned that despite the decency and reasonableness of Hunt that they would attempt every trick in the book to get an increase in pay and that this was nothing to do with patient safety. It was all about the lolly and always has been. Now that we have seen the leaked BMA messages it confirms what a ghastly bunch of shits that they are. I feel sorry for the junior doctors who are hardworking, dedicated professionals who were totally mislead by their union. They were merely used as props for a ‘vanity display’. Well thank God nobody died as a result of this totally unnecessary industrial action. But a lot of people missed their operations and were left inconvenienced and in pain. And many are still waiting. But there is political collateral damage. Corbyn Mc Donnell and Heidi Alexander now look like opportunist twats. Which of course they were. Will we hear a word of apology from the BMA and those useful fools who swallowed their lies. I doubt it. And let’s give some respect to Jeremy Hunt. He behaved like a gentleman throughout and did not crow about victory when he could have, particularly as his reputation was trashed by the stethoscope wielding mob. He probably has the safest pair of hands in government.

And now to project Smear. The Brextards are getting even more hysterical now that they have lost the economic argument. Well, let’s be fair. As of yet they haven’t offered us one, just a xenophobic slop of emotion over reason. So now it’s Turkey and a few other countries who are soon to join the EU leading to our green and pleasant land despoiled by squillions of rapists murderers and and benefit scroungers all jumping on the first train to Frinton. Except that they aren’t. Ah ha, says a rather nasty piece of a propaganda video, that lying bastard Cameron is pushing to get them in. Look what he said in 2010. Well, never let the truth stand in the way of a good kick in the balls. It has been Conservative party policy since 2003 that we would support Turkish membership. Remember that land of milk, honey and electoral hope when IDS was leading the Tories? Even Bozo made a documentary supporting Turkish accession. And only the other day on LBC he said that the chances of this happening in the foreseeable future were infinitesimal. But that was a few days ago so no doubt he will be saying that he was quoted out of context. The lifespan of a Bozo utterance is about the same as a butterfly but without the beauty and charm.

That video was very troubling for a number of reasons. Firstly it was peddling a lie and secondly it was personally abusive to Cameron. Did Michael Gove sign this off? And as a close friend how could he? I know that politics is a dirty business but there are some depths that if they are plumbed can sour a close relationship. I fear that Gove has crossed the line. This is a shame as I am an admirer.

This brings me on to Steve Hilton. Mercifully, ninety eight per cent of the population have ever heard of him. He was not so much a blue sky as a black sky thinker, as many of his utterings were seriously off world. Despite the fact that he had some pretty barmy ideas like wanting to abolish maternity leave and get rid of all consumer protection for a year, ‘to see what happens’, he was not without his uses. He has always been an original thinker, a sort of Oliver Letwin on crack. The sort of person you keep in the attic and visit once a month to see what he has come up with, and once you have politely dismissed the notion of moving all permanent secretaries to the Falklands to be retrained as sheep shearers, he might just come up with a smidgeon of a brilliant idea. What I couldn’t understand is why he stabbed a very close friend in the back. Ok, he is selling a book, but does that justify such hurtful disloyalty? It reminded me of my dear friend Edwina’s kiss and tell story which caused such pain to many people. Blue on blue action is permissible in these fraught times. But to me friend on friend is abominable.

Talking of blue on blue action I will be debating Brexit with my old but slightly dotty friend Bernard Jenkin. So where is this clash of the Titans going to take place? The Albert Hall? Wembley? The O2? No, no far more up market and grand. It will be in the Wendens Ambo village hall on 14th.June. It is being organised by my local vicar who actually believes in God. Quite remarkable for the C of E these days.