The one legged murderer & drug dealer from Albania & his human rights

21 May 2016 at 15:23

There is a story in the MAIL today that would have Dacre creaming in his cavalry twills and every swivel eyed Brextard fruit loop howling at the moon in in a juddering climax of pure anti Brussels joy. The story is ‘Proof that Britain’s lost its marbles…a one legged Albanian double murderer poses as a Kosovan refugee to gain UK citizenship…..he gets a four bed house and £2,000 a month benefits as he makes a fortune selling cocaine… he has won legal aid to fight to stay here thanks to (surprise!) the Human Rights Act."
This really is a cracker. You couldn’t make it up and I don’t think the MAIL has. But before you bonkeroons reach for the Kleenex, the great irony of it all is that when you dig a little deeper it is a shining vindication of the EU.

Albania is only a candidate member of the EU and therefore it is not signed up to the Human rights provisions enforceable by Luxenbourg. Therefore in theory they can torture its citizens to its hearts content. Well, actually they can’t as Albania is signed up to the EHCR. So there can be no misunderstanding this is the court in Strasbourg whose decisions only have to be ‘taken into account’ by each signatory’s Parliament. So torture is against the law in Albania and they can be hauled into the Strasbourg court if they break it. So irony number one is that the very court that the Eurobarmies want to take us out of is will make it easier for Peg Leg to be extradited back to Albania.

Irony number two is that although we do have an extradition treaty with Albania it could be rather protracted and costly. Technically it could take years. But if they were full members of the EU they would have to be signed up the the European Arrest warrant which is so fast track Peg Leg’s one and only foot would have hardly touched the ground before he would have been on home soil. So this story rather helps us REMAINERS. Not how it’s reported in the MAIL though.

But there are some other issues which real should concern us. Peg Leg managed to fool UK Borders that he was a Kosovan refugee. How? And how did he slip through the net? May really should order a full investigation. And if there are any lessons to learn we should get down to it. Lastly, how is it that a murderer and drug dealer can get legal aid when many decent people who are in a custody battle over their children have to fight alone without any assistance? The family courts are heaving with litigants in person. And there will be injustices.