Bozo's sly racism disqualifies him from public office

23 Apr 2016 at 16:14

The more the Brexiteers edge closer to defeat the uglier this unseemly debate becomes. Well ‘debate’ rather glorifies the primal screams of an Orc army in retreat. It’s slash and burn. Not since the Goths invaded Rome have we witnessed such pointless destruction. And Johnson’s sly racism about Obama was about as low and verminous as any Good Ol Boy in the Deep South sipping a mint julep in the nineteen sixties. I really didn’t think that in this day and age a senior Conservative politician could stoop so low. So far the only support he has received came from Nigel Farage. If this hasn’t disqualified him from a Cabinet post I don’t know what will. It was not just personally insulting to our closest ally but it demeaned the Conservative party. It made us look like Trumpian tea partyers. Well, not in my name. That bloody man doesn’t speak for me nor the vast majority of decent Tories. If he wants to turn British politics into some ghastly reality show so be it. But don’t expect people like me to watch it. His comments could be borderline forgivable if they were off the cuff. Oh no, this was just another carefully timed stunt designed to have the maximum impact. Well, he succeeded in that; but not in the way he planned. I imagine that those who were begging him to lead the OUT campaign are beginning to realise that Johnson has become a colossal liability. When are the party faithful going to realise that this grubby little opportunist is not fit for public office of any sort? I dread to think what he will do for an encore. I suspect that in the week before the vote he will launch a deeply personal attack on Cameron. This despicable little man is nothing short of a political pariah and should be treated as such. The sooner he buggers off to UKIP the better. There is no place for him in the Conservative Party anymore.