If IDS is the John the Baptist for Bozo God help us all

20 Mar 2016 at 10:22

The Conservative party is like an Hieronymus Bosch painting without the humour that is only allowed to be put on public display on rare occasions as its portrayal of unspeakable suffering can be nauseous to the public. In your heart of hearts you know that the torture and indescribable pain continues unabated.

We really do have to look at the battle lines here. It is not by accident that those who support IDS as the great man of principle who is struggling against the wicked Osborne who is grinding the face of the poor and vulnerable into the dust are all Euro nutters. The sort of people who accuse Osborne of not cutting deep enough. Those who truly believe that he has become a closet Socialist and should be taking a bloodied axe to the welfare state. And then their are the moderate Tories who, by and large will be voting to REMAIN, who forced the Chancellor to strangle his PIPS policy at birth. It’s a bit like the evangelical right who support the death penalty but fiercely oppose abortion on the basis of their fervent belief in the sanctity of life. But the dividing line between evangelicals and moderates may have become so great that the broad church will turn into a schism. This may be the time to think the unthinkable. A realignment of British politics.

Don’t think for one moment that the seething passion of the swivel eyed loons will go away after the referendum. If the REMAINERS win the loons won’t give up. They can’t. It is their mission. They are like the SNP separatists.Driven, relentless, brutal and unforgiving. Their latest ploy is to pose the question of who can ‘heal’ the party after the referendum, with a clear subtext that it can’t possibly be Cameron. The answer is that nobody can. The hatred is so deep. The trick for any party leader is to distract the troops and try and keep sectarian tensions bubbling away under the surface, mostly out of sight. A warning for Cameron though. If the reports of him saying that he would relish a leadership challenge to finally sort out ‘the twats’ he should remember that this was the Major plan. It failed.

I watched IDS on Marr a few moments ago. He was passionate about welfare reform. And I believe him. But welfare organisations have a different view of him. They remember the bedroom tax and they don’t forget the benefits cap. He is not regarded as a One Nation Tory and yet he spent much of his time on Marr saying just that he was. He denies that there was any ulterior motive. In criminal trials if a defendant has convictions which are relevant the jury will hear about them. And when it comes to governmenticide IDS has more form than Shergar.

But we should be very nervous about an Osborne holed below the water line. IDS may well be the John the Baptist for Bozo which is a truly terrifying thought. And if you didn’t think that this is all about removing Cameron after June 23 just read the words of Bernard Jenkin on SKY a minutes ago. ‘After the referendum we must restore cabinet government’

The next part in this geek tragedy will be the IDS personal statement to the Commons.