Trump, Hopkins Stop the War & Momentum have one thing in common; intolerance

12 Dec 2015 at 10:01

I wonder what Donald Trump sees when he gazes lovingly into the mirror. I suspect it is a young, slim, virile leader of men who has the courage to say what most people really think. Oh, and with a dashing mane of hair. The poor fellow. If only he knew what we see. An overweight ego maniac with a preposterous hairdo and a mouth that pouts like a cats anus.

But according to well respected political philosopher, Katie Hopkins, he has shown great leadership despite talking ‘hot air’ and that his policies are ‘unworkable’. I sometimes wonder, although not too often, what the Hopkins mindset is before writing a piece. I suspect that it is along the lines of, ’ I am the most hated woman in Britain. This is how I earn my living. I offend the metrosexual Guardianistas and anyone who has anything to do with the biased British Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. I articulate what the unemployed, underachieving benefitista really thinks. Immigrants are taking their jobs, Muslims are taking over the country and let’s get out of bloody Europe. I will do anything and say anything to go that extra mile to piss off the smug, self satisfied entitled Fleet Street Bubble’.

And of course, that strange, shouty, scary lower pond life of bitter folk with dragging knuckles who infest the sewers of the Guido comments section thinks that she is wonderful. So apparently does Donald Chump. Heaven knows what they think of him in certain parts of Belfast as a former Gerry Adams fund raiser. But that is the problem with American politics. Most of them don’t have a passport. Any many think that abroad is the next county.

It is wrong to say that there is a massive Muslim problem here, or even a minor one. What puzzles us is why are so many young men and women become radicalised. There is a clue in today’s TIMES. There is a very troubling piece about how the head of Ofsted has found a number of Muslim schools in the Birmingham area who are teaching homophobia, anti semitism and a restricted Islamic curriculum. It took him a while to unravel the bureaucracy of the DFE and close them down. But parents wanted their kids to attend these schools. One has to ask why. And it was only a few months ago that we had the Trojan horse report about intolerance and segregation in schools. It shouldn’t be Ofsted closing these schools down, it should be Muslim communities forbidding them to be opened in the first place.

There are three priorities for the government on this; integration, integration, integration. The great British tradition of tolerance has been taken for a ride.

And then we spin the coin. Look at the far left, Momentum, Stop the War and all those creepy figures from Labour’s Militant past whom we thought had died. Little did we know that they have been incubating in the bodies of their hosts, Corbyn, McDonnell and Diane Abbott. We see decent people like Stella Creasy and Hilary Benn abused in the streets. Anyone who doesn’t follow the new agenda (actually, it’s rather old) are denounced as traitors, Tories or the worst insult of all, Blairites. And Corbyn’s Beria is the truly ghastly Abbott. At least some of the new intake such as Jess Phillips are standing up to this caricature of Stalin’s granny.

But will anyone of any stature have the courage to say publicly what most Labour members really think, namely that the party has been high jacked at every level and they must rebuilt from scratch. This happened in 1981 with the formation of the SDP. It is their only hope. And after the Shadow Cabinet purge which will take place in the New Year, Labour moderates will be in drinking up time in the last chance saloon.

Does anyone have the courage?