It's about time that Farage was exposed at the cynical Westminster operator that he is

10 Oct 2014 at 12:04

Despite all the hype from the Faragistas, no mould has been broken and nothing much has changed. The Kippers have just officially replaced the Lib Dems as the spittoon for the aggrieved, the nutters the no hopers and thoroughly pissed off from Jaywick. It is scary for the Tories but terrifying for Labour who narrowly missed losing one of their safest seats. Now let’s see what happens in Rochester. This one is very difficult to call. The genteel poverty of the Daily Express reading crumblies were always ripe for Farage and dear old Carswell was regarded as a rather decent oddball. But Reckless has a reputation as being a bit of a shit and hasn’t had his feet under the desk for very long. If I was him I would be very worried about the Sundays as there are a lot of very aggrieved back benchers who will be keen to dig the dirt.

But whatever happens I would be amazed if the kippers win or retain a single seat at the general. The Lib Dems were always regarded as a wasted vote, but UKIP is a positively dangerous one. The mantra that if you spend the night with Farage you’ll end up waking up with Miliband cannot be repeated too often as it is so toxic and true. The awful thing is that Farage really doesn’t care if Labour wreckers trash the economy and throw thousands onto the dole. In fact he rather welcomes it. He wants to destroy the Tories and lead the right. But at what a cost. And he has the nerve to accuse the Westminster ruling elite of cynicism. The man is an utter disgrace. It really is time that the gloves came off and that all sensible parties unite in revealing him as a wolf in a jester’s clothes.

What will be interesting is how Carswell will be received in the Commons next week. Labour would be mad to cheer him as they were hurt more than the Tories. The whips will be interested to watch which Tories pat him on the back and which ones cheer him. I would be amazed if he is not put under 24 hour surveillance. I do feel rather sorry for him though. The matey support system of colleagues will not be there for him any more. And anyone seen within ten feet of him will be suspected of plotting. The poor fellow will find the Commons a very hostile environment. The sharks are circling even now, sniffing for the first sign of blood. It will get very, very dirty. He really has made a terrible mistake on both a personal and political level.