Indecisive, weak and without a principled bone in his body. It's time to dump the Chump and vote for May

29 Jun 2016 at 19:42

What has been puzzling me for the last day or so is why could a civilised and decent man like Michael Gove possibly support Bozo. Well, there is the question of survival I suppose. And Nick Soames too. As decent an old boy as you will find on a grouse moor. What is this madness that is infecting the Tories and Labour?

But Bozo is a fraud and utterly untrustworthy. Even Gove’s wife understands that. Maybe he thinks that he can control his wilder excesses and perhaps persuade him to read the odd brief now and then. No way. One day Gove will be turned over by him. Why? Because Gove is a gentleman and Johnson is not.

The truth of the matter is that Bozo stole the referendum on two major lies; £350m for the NHS and control of our borders; both of which have been tossed to the wind. Well the poor suckers bought that didn’t they? And then he tells a real whopper in his £5k a pop column that immigration wasn’t such a big deal with the punters. Lot of back peddling there. ‘Wrote it too quickly…….tired’. But it sums the man up. Lazy, slapdash, with no attention to detail, particularly the truth. Make it up and you can get away with it with the shrug of the shoulders and a grin. So if his own supporters don’t trust him why should the electorate? The man has some serious hurdles to jump.

And how would he be in a crisis? I know, it doesn’t bear thinking about does it? But when you are Prime Minster you can’t leave it to the boffins or advisors, you have to make the decision. Having a mind like a supermarket trolley is not reassuring when the cabinet secretary rings you at 3 am to tell you that there is a hijacked airliner with four hundred women and children on board heading for the centre of London. ‘Prime minister we need a decision whether to shoot it down now as soon it will be in striking range of Buckingham Palace’.

A few years ago I was talking to someone who used to work with him when he was editor of the Spectator. He told me what happened when the bombs tore through London and very close indeed to the magazine. Boris thought he go and have a look. By the time he had returned his staff were in turmoil, some were missing and most of the women were in bits. Did he comfort them? No. Did he try and find out what had happened to the absentees? Of course not. That was the night of the Spectator Party. But they were in a war zone. Staff just wanted to go home. He was advised it would be quite wrong to go ahead. All he would do was mope around muttering ‘Dunkirk spirit’. But he wouldn’t or maybe couldn’t make a decision. In the end he sat in his office while others took over. The party was cancelled, although the decision was taken away from him. It had to be.

So this is the guy some want to be the next Prime Minister. It must not be allowed to happen. It must not be given to the 140,000 grass root activists to screw up in the same way they screwed up the referendum. This man is not only untrustworthy and a barefaced liar, he is indecisive, weak and through naked ambition, has allowed this country to unleash dark forces. Race hate crimes have rocketed and casual racism seems to apparently acceptable. It is quite despicable.

I have no doubt whom I will vote for. Theresa May. Perhaps not the nation’s first choice as a dinner date, but is principled, honest and as tough as old boots. I would sleep safely in my bed if she was in charge.