It is time we spat in the hatred filled angry faces who dehumanise the bodies washed up on Europe's shores. It is time for Britain to rejoin the human race

2 Sep 2015 at 21:41

Like millions of others I wept when I saw the limp body of a tiny child being carried with dignity by a Turkish policeman from his watery grave. The bodies of his five year old brother and their mother followed in this desperate parade of wretchedness and death. They were not terrorists. They were not scum. They were migrants. And once, before wicked regimes deprived them of their livelihoods, their homes and their self respect and after the dead eyed smugglers took their money and their dignity, they were once human too. I am beginning to wonder with all the comfort of a middle class professional with a roof over my head and a decent job, whether we in the abundant west are losing our humanity too. Tonight’s images of that desperate family hopefully will be a game changer. Perhaps the contorted rage raddled faces of UKIP who are screaming that these people are scum might just be spat at by decent caring families who in their hearts are revolted at the indecision of Brussels and the handwringing of politicians who do nothing but turn their heads away in shame when the bloated bodies of the dispossessed wash up on our shores. And tonight I saw the look of anguish in David Cameron’s eyes on the BBC news. He more than most politicians has a strong belief in doing ‘what is right’. In the pit of his stomach he knows that we have to play our part in taking some of these people in. It is time for decency. It is time for leadership. It is time to do something which flies in the face of short term unpopularity. It is time for Britain to rejoin the human race.