What a Ghastly, whining little shit Armani Andy is. Wallowing in self pity and crying foul before the game is even over

22 Aug 2015 at 16:39

What a ghastly, whining, unprincipled little shit Armani Andy is. I would like to say that he is a thoroughly revolting individual, but as he has never ever revolted against his party I can’t. He is a loyalist and doesn’t want to rock the boat. But he will shove his nose so far up the party machine anal passage that sniffer dogs would have to remove his head. Wow, that shows great leadership. If, God forbid, this oily little chancer and greaser ever became Prime Minister we know that his Party would always come before his country. Now in true Merseyside mode he is wallowing in self pity and about to scream to the ref that he was robbed even before the result is in.

His ludicrous and overweening ambition has made him a laughing stock to be trusted by nobody. His credibility doesn’t much exceed King Herod’s job application to become a baby sitter. Even an old cynic like me feels a sense of disgust at the antics of this awful little man who oozes a misplaced sense of entitlement. And now he is doing a re rat Marc Anthony. ‘I come here not to bury Corbyn but to praise him’, as Shakespeare might not have written. After slagging off Corbynomics he is psychotically desperate for a senior role; shadow Chancellor would be fun. But we all know that this is a ruse. He has trashed the hapless Yvette for being deader than a Gordon Brown grin and demands her second preferences. Corbyn will humiliate and destroy him. Well, life can be shit.

But enough of my Burnham charm offensive. Chuka and his chums seem to have stepped onto the set of Allo Allo. ’I’m from the resistance, I will only say this once’. The resistance? What a joke. These guys are finished. They will be purged. The left are a ruthless bunch. And as I imagine that Jezza wants to abolish the Lords there won’t be a peerage in it either. Their only choice is to jump or be pushed. Lessons can be learned from ‘dear friends’ in Hamas.

All this talk of entryism really is a little wide of the mark. The leftie baddies are only just beginning to remove the wooden stakes from their hearts and rise from the dead. When Corbyn is anointed they won’t be entryists at all they will be running the sweet shop. Time to bring in that old Van Helsing of the left, John Spellar. That guy really brings meaning to New Labour’s much revered obsession with the ‘stakeholder’. As corporal Jones used to say ‘they don’t like it up ‘em’. And that is the problem of Labour’s so called moderates who might be considered Papabile they are all so bloody dull and a bit of a joke. Where are the charismatics? Where are the guys who can set the pulse racing? And where are those who can make a jaded electorate pause for thought and allow a pencil stub to hover above a Labour box which is not a coffin. At the moment they are nowhere to be seen. Dad’s Army on tour. However………just remember the name Tom Watson. Whether he becomes leader, deputy or a senior member of the Shadow Cabinet, you will be witnessing the birth of a very big beast. He is the most credible threat to the Corbynistas available.