Burnham's cry for help and the first Blooms of mysogeny by the Kippers

11 Aug 2013 at 10:40

This has been a weird week in the bare knuckled roller coaster ride of politics. Nobody should have been remotely surprised at the Godfrey Bloom’s Bongo Bongo land sly little wink to racism. Yet his well known view that women of child bearing age shouldn’t be employed should be much more worrying to UKIP. Women very often swing elections. Their vote is crucial. Upset them at your peril.

Bongo Bongo land was an unpleasant little side show. The message from the Kippers is quite simple. We don’t stand for any of this political correctness nonsense. We call a spade (with a little racist wink) a shovel. Oh, and women are great for bringing up our kids and keeping the home but they really should know their place.

Lynton Crosby take note.

And then there is the tragedy of Andy Burnham. His comments about Labour need to shout more was a desperate ploy to save his own job. If Miliband sacks him he can claim it was because of him telling the world what every Labour MP thinks, namely that Ed is about as much use as a cat flap in a submarine.

Agreeable enough guy Burnham is history has shown us that he presided over an NHS that lacked care, compassion and competence. Keep him at Shadow Health and he is just a moving target for the Tories. And Jeremy Hunt has proved to be an excellent marksman.

If you don’t get Peter Kellner’s daily polling brief you really should. It is a terrifying read for Labour and Miliband in particular. An average party lead of 6% is a disaster being the harbinger of a catastrophe. And his personal ratings are falling faster than a flasher’s trousers.

It’s all very well saying that Labour should shout their policies louder but that’s not the problem. Kellner’s consistent top three concerns of voters is the economy, immigration and Health.

The Balls remedy for our economic ills has been proved to be utterly wrong. A change of course would be a disaster as business confidence is at its highest since 2007. The great ship of state is beginning to turn. And we are still two years down the road to the election.

Obama’s comments about not giving the Republicans back the car keys as they can’t drive are even more applicable to Labour as Ed Balls is the Baron Samedi of the politically dead leading his Zombie army back to their graves.

Now lets have a look at immigration. Labour presided over a policy of actively encouraging mass immigration under the direction of the failed, hopeless and diabolically incompetent UKBA. Theresa May is probably the first Home Secretary to terrify her dysfunctional department into action and UKBA will soon be buried with a wooden stake through its heart.

She really is becoming a force of nature. Poor old Yvette Cooper really doesn’t have a chance, it’s like being savaged by a nun on holiday.

And lastly the NHS. This is Labour territory. It is their jewel in the crown. Not any more.

But never underestimate Tory backbenchers talent to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory.

And now I read that Boris is on manoeuvres. Speaker Bercow is said to be bequeathing his safe seat to our saviour. But in 2017.

Some people say that Boris is his own worst enemy.

Not when David Cameron is around.